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Despite not forgiving him, he told Nagato he would not kill him and would instead try to create the better world that their teacher wished for. Just as the hatred almost consumed him, he heard a small, clear voice speaking to him as Kushina appeared before him. She later watched on, beaming with pride alongside Hashirama who commented that Sakura's strength might be greater than Tsunade's. She also cared deeply about Minato's students, thinking that Rin Nohara was adorable and would often hug and kiss her on the forehead. Naruto went back on the offensive, dispatching the healed Preta and Naraka Path, before the Deva Path regained its full power.

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Therefore, he dreamed of one day becoming Konoha's Hokage, the epitome of acknowledgement and respect from everyone in the village. Overwhelmed by Kimimaro's taijutsu skills, Naruto is saved at the last minute by Rock Lee, who volunteers to fight Kimimaro while Naruto heads after Sasuke. Sasuke, unmoved by Obito's words, used Susanoo to hack through the tree and then mocked Naruto for giving up. Main article: Twelve Guardian Ninja Arc. Naruto becomes separated from his team and is attacked and swallowed by a giant snake. Showing his tremendous power, the masked man quickly defeated Kushina and several other Konoha-nin. Returning to Naruto and Kushina's location, Minato realised the only way to stop the Nine-Tails was to seal it within Naruto, believing that his son would someday need the fox's power to defeat Tobi when he returned. Jiraiya had enough faith in her abilities to leave her to fight Orochimaru 's right-hand man, Kabuto Yakushi. Before he could continue, he sensed the boy's return and defended Sarada as the boy and his father, Shin Uchiha , attack.

Naruto soon joined the unit to fend off the creature, but Kakashi warned Naruto to not get close, having realised that the endgame of this creature was to amass enough chakra to produce a powerful enough explosion to destroy the village. Naruto left the Falls of Truth to investigate and was met by a contingent of Konoha-nin, amongst them Iruka Umino. After the transformed intruder that had infiltrated the compound and was killing medics had been uncovered by Sakura, the whole compound was locked down and strict orders given that no-one should go near Shizune nor enter without their identities being confirmed by HQ. The vitality inherent to the Uzumaki clan allowed her to survive the extraction, though she was greatly weakened by the experience. The Five Kage vowed to deal with Madara themselves and asked that Naruto should instead focus on defeating Tobi. When Naruto and Boruto began fighting over what Himawari should eat, Hinata became angry and kicked them both out of the house due to them being noisy. Shizune is a very talented medical-nin. When Zabuza refuses to appreciate this, Naruto angrily scolds him, stating that Haku gave up his life to save someone precious to him. Naruto trained to harmonise with nature, a process he sped up by using a limited number of shadow clones. They continued through the cave and eventually arrived in the moon's interior, which the team then split up to investigate the surrounding settlement.

Later, during a mission to retrieve the Red Moon Scroll left by Jiraiya, Kushina without hesitation threw herself in the way to protect Naruto from an attack by the guarding Gamabunta. Upon arrival, the Raikage rejected Naruto's request even with Kakashi and Yamato's assistance and berated him for defending a criminal. While her attire is essentially the same, her kimino is more loosely open, showing her cleavage, and has a long slit on the right-side of her kimino, reaching her hip. In the anime, on one such occasion when they were at a gambling den, they were approached by the Fourth Raikage and Amai who beseeched Tsunade to help their injured comrade. Naruto can also detect negative emotions in this mode. She is not the type to tire easily and is very energetic and efficient while acting in her capacity of Hokage's Assistant, often urging Tsunade to finish the paperwork in order to avoid mountains of unsigned documents later on. Realising Kushina was his mother, he tearfully hugged her and the love-filled reunion purged the Nine-Tails' hatred within its drained chakra. Still worried about Naruto's safety she tries once again to plea with her not to send him unbeknownst to her that he was eavesdropping on the conversation until Tsunade acknowledges his presence. Confidence restored, Naruto was greatly relieved to learn that not only had Hinata survived, but nobody was injured during his rampage. Naruto ignored the question and demanded to know about his plans with Sasuke.

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The Raikage orders her to form a Surprise Attack Division then split the rest of the forces into multiple divisions and get them in formation. Despite the temptation, Naruto declined Hinata's offer, claiming that he isn't the type to cheat and that they might be disqualified if they are caught. Traditionally, the kids will take on the father's name, but Naruto took on his mother's name instead of Minato's. Deeming Naruto a failure who could never defeat a genius like himself, Neji easily defeats Naruto's clones and seals his chakra with Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms. Unfortunately, Sasuke does just that and Naruto joins the Sasuke Recovery Team in order to bring him back; he promises a tearful Sakura to do so before he leaves. She was forced against her wishes because of the alliance between th After destroying the Asura Path before it could attack Tsunade, Naruto told her to make sure everyone left the battle to him. He has a red armband with an Uzumaki crest on his left arm. Naruto was unaware of that the five Kage were planning to keep him from the upcoming Fourth Shinobi World War for his safety on a remote island in the Land of Lightning with Yamato , Might Guy , Aoba Yamashiro , and other Konoha-nin as security.

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She explains that they've been hit with a combination curse and sealing technique, and that their word souls have been taken hostage. Naruto is noted as boisterous, exuberant and unorthodox, quite similar to Hashirama Senju. The removal of Kurama from his body caused Naruto to pass out and placed his life in immediate danger. They followed Hanabi's trail and were led into a cave. He remains unaware that it is a ploy to keep him away from the war. A masked man, Tobi , tracked down their location, however, killed the midwives and Anbu, and captured Naruto, forcing Minato to quickly rescue him and teleport him to a safe house. During the endgame of the Fourth Great War, Naruto received chakra from the other tailed beasts during the Fourth Shinobi World War, [91] greatly increased his chakra reserves even further and allowed him to access their unique abilities himself, or infuse them into his own techniques. Rin is captured by the enemy, but instead of following Kakashi's order of completing the mission first, Obito scolds Kakashi, telling him that he'd rather be called trash rather than abandoning his comrades.

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Dark Naruto finally relented and faded. Kakashi arrives and deflects their attacks into opposing water towers before they can clash, Naruto unknowingly doing more damage than Sasuke. Afterwards, Hinata informed Toneri of Hamura's actual decree and he, regretful about what he did, allowed the team to return home. Annoyed at Naruto's attitude and accusations towards her, Kushina briefly loses her temper and hits him. Unbeknownst to the couple, Menma later disappears, replaced by Naruto and the Sakura of the normal timeline who arrived in this world. Itachi left, and Naruto continued his search, eventually finding Sasuke. Tobi recalled the beasts back into the Demonic Statue and, though irritated, remained confident in his eventual victory as he faced off with Naruto, B, Kakashi, and Guy. Naruto escaped and found a Self-Repairing Barrier , preventing him from leaving by himself.

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Ultimately, it was decided to pardon Sumire and let her return to the Academy. While the barrier team worked to keep the creature at bay, it suddenly teleported away. As Obito begins to rot away, memories of Rin flash towards him and his dream of becoming Hokage. She is a very kind and calm person but will immediately rush to Tsunade's aid and in contrast, will become fierce and somewhat ruthless; a testament of her loyalty to Tsunade, including losing her temper when anyone insults her. Naruto and Jiraiya return to Konoha after two-and-a-half years of training, where Naruto becomes surprised by Tsunade's newly-formed statue on Hokage Rock. Naruto and Sasuke engaged him as well, but were nearly killed, saved only by Naruto using his chakra arms to link to Minato so he could teleport them to safety. Traditionally, the kids will take on the father's name, but Naruto took on his mother's name instead of Minato's. Shizune opposes this due to Sakura's feelings for Sasuke, but listens as Sakura sadly agrees and says she will speak to Naruto.

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